For over 10 years I worked as a nurse, and the final 6 as a specialized dialysis nurse. In 2016 I chose to follow a different path by leaving the hospital and starting my own business.
I couldn’t have imagined the change that occurred since then. 

My business started out with facilitating Access Bars classes and giving private sessions in Energetic Bodywork by Access Consciousness, a worldwide modality with simple tools & techniques to change your life and increase your awareness.

By choosing this I found myself and it became clear what I wanted to create as my life.

A little while later I met Kalpana Raghuraman and we started working together. Now I am now her personal assistant and coördinator in her global business and it’s truly my dream job. I quickly discovered my passion for Graphic Design when I started to play with marketing and social media more. It became the main focus of my own business. I have clients all over the world and I’m so happy and excited to create with them every day.

On a personal note. I am married to Frank and we have two beautiful little ones, Emma and Noah.
He also recently left his job at the hospital where we worked together for years before we got married, to create along side me. We do webdesign together. He creates them and I take care of the design.

Our kids are such a major contribution in everything we create and a constant reminder of the joy and ease that’s available for us to choose.
Life is busy, sometimes intense and filled with love and I am taking every precious moment with them in. I am so grateful to have a fulltime career and be with them at the same time. And now with my husband at home too, there is so much space for all of us.

Emma and Noah both had a rough start in their lives, both in a different way, and these experiences made us so much stronger in the end.
Our life stories, our “backpacks”, can be something that weighs us down and you have to drag through life, or it can be an invitation to choose and create beyond it. I’m at the point where I’m grateful for my past, for all of it, cherishing my memories, free from the struggles, living in the present and looking ahead to a bright future.
It made me choose more and I continue to do so every day.